Remember, the clearer and more precise your brief (RFQ), what it is you require, the better the quote.

A detailed specific quote will be provided for all requests.

The following order is roughly that in which a study is usually carried out.

Project Management covers the organisation and set-up time, recruitment supervision, and includes the translation of the screener and discussion guide. It is an all-inclusive set fee which roughly depends on the scale of the project, and is applied regardless of the size of the study.

Recruitment can be broadly broken down into 3 categories. There is no point in underestimating the difficulty of finding a profile as that will only delay the appearance of 'problems'...

  • Tier 1 target = standard consumers
  • Tier 2 target = not necessarily rare people, but an addition of criteria, or B2B targets
  • Tier 3 target = tough target (note that in some instances, a study is not feasible without contacts and/ or disclosing the identity of the sponsor)

Incentives can be handled for you, but we expect an upfront payment to sign-off a study. Working out incentives depends on three main factors:

  • The profile = the more up-market or premium, the higher the incentive
  • The duration of the session = note that there is a minimum to pay to bring someone somewhere, even if it’s only for 20'
  • Whether there is homework or a pre-task prior to meeting the respondent = the more demanding the task, the higher the incentive

Studios are all very roughly at the same price, hiring either on a half day, full day and/or evening rate (the more time you need, the more advantageous it is in proportion). Prices include video recording and translation devices and a large monitor. PCs, projectors and other services such as web streaming are extra. Many have FocusVision as well as an alternative solution. Finally, drinks are included but food is not.

Interpreters all offer slightly different prices but you should know they work by the hour for which they charge a set rate, on the basis of having at least a few hours of work.

Moderation works out as the best deal between an hourly breakdown of interviewing/ moderating and a day-fee. It will also vary somewhat according to the following factors:

  • All taking place in a central venue, or not
  • On location (ethnographic) interviews will be more expensive by the hour and will, to an extent, depend on duration too. Again, a day rate may be applied if it works out better for you but expect no more than 2 (or 3 at most) per day for logistical reasons. Note that these include the video recording as well as the standard audio recording
  • Telephone and online interviews – which really shouldn’t exceed 45’ at most - will be much cheaper than the other options
  • Online moderation costs depend on the duration and ‘intensity’ of the study, how much time is spent daily on the study.

Note-taking & Transcripts in English rates are logically based on the length of the interview/ group. Note that rather than transcripts, for a comparable or even cheaper price when there are long sessions, you may prefer asking for written 1 to 3 page individual summaries instead which tend to offer added- value whilst still including key quotes.

Reporting really depends on 2 factors: what is required in terms of detail and depth, as well as the size of the sample upon which is based the analysis. We can provide a next-day 2 pager of key findings, a 10-12 or so page top line report or a full detailed report of 30-50 pages or more.

Video clip prices will depend on the desired length of the clip and on the size of the sample the material is being drawn from. Our prices include subtitles in English and imply, in most cases, that transcripts in French at least and with a timeline be done. Clips can be anything from 5 to 10’ typically to much more, whether you’re looking for something more or less immersive or whether you want to bring out highlights.
Note that longer clips will be – brought back to the minute – cheaper.