Live it, save it & share it

In-home or on location interviewing is good. Observing people "living" and interacting with their environment is better. Capturing it all on video and being able to share it is ideal.

We have an extensive experience going to visit people and get a better sense of their lives and usages. We now film all ‘ethnographic’ encounters in full HD with state of the art equipment. We like to film using 2 cameras: that way we have 2 angles, as well as a back-up in case one device was malfunctioning. We can also leave a camera in a place in a strategic spot so as to record all that happens overall several hours, even once we’re no longer there to witness it live. It is extremely interesting to review this material and have respondents comment on their actions, on the whys...

WQRC then edits video clips lasting 3 to 30 minutes with the highlights and other keys moments which illustrate what was observed and said. This way the client can easily share it with his team, whether local or global, which was unable to attend the fieldwork. And live it and learn from it in a very powerful way.

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"I’ve always been very impressed with the smooth running of studies, especially those which include ethnographic in-home interviews. I travel round the world doing these types of studies, and always look forward to coming to Paris where I know the recruitment will be top notch and the logistical set up will be smooth and professional.Jon uses fantastic simultaneous translators, and provides earphones so whenever we are in consumers’ homes we can hear all the translation clearly so we’re able to focus on the consumer at all times."

- Jude Terry - Associate Director River Research