Different issues and needs, tailored solutions

  • Every client is different, each study has its own objectives and involves particular targets, with matching constraints. It's not dubbed ad-hoc for nothing. There is no off-the-self one-size-fits-all solution. On the contrary, the solutions always have to be tailored.

  • This being said, we are masters of in-depth interviews and focus groups, in whatever shape or format, which remain the basis of the qual approach.

  • We believe in-situ observation (aka ethnographic research) often brings valuable findings, bypassing post-behaviour rationalisation information. First-hand immersion is a great experience for clients attending too. Video recording and editing allows others to live the experience in a more engaging manner than a report might.

  • And Online interactions are indeed a valuable addition to traditional methodologies, and so we run short and long communities, often prior to an in-person stage, although we have found that they can be extremely valuable on a follow-up basis too.