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What they say

"Jon is an excellent researcher who has that highly sought-after ability to deeply understand the more strategic research questions. This translates into a very effective interview style with careful and detailed probing to get under the skin of more fundamental emotional consumer needs and drivers. He also brings a valuable cultural understanding to the findings."

- Zoe Best, River Research Director

"Jonathan is astute in his project preparation, swift and fluid as a moderator and produces output that is actionable and culturally translated for international clients."

- Davina O'Donoghue (MRS researcher of the year 2005)

"We have worked with Jonathan at WQRC for over 10 years and have always valued the quality and reliability of the services provided. Working with Jonathan regularly increases the value of the service that we offer."

- Matthew Sell (Northstar Research Partners UK Manager)

"His ability to speak fluent French to respondents and then debrief in English (as naturally as talking with your next door neighbor) means that our clients always walk away from the groups with a unique in-depth understanding of what was said."

- Jonathan Hilland (President/CEO Mindwave Research)

"Jonathan is an excellent moderator, skillful listener and succinct report writer. Jonathan always added lots of insight through a very fine analysis and well-considered recommendations thanks to his great understanding of consumer psychology and knowledge."

- Vincent Ganne, ex-Senior Research Manager, American Express